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Kesser Torah College is a Jewish educational facility offering Jewish Education and care for children aged 2 years – Year 12. The College incorporates the Early Childhood Centres (Carl Rose Early Learning School and the Education & Care Centre), Primary School and High Schools, situated in beautiful Dover Heights, Sydney.

Kesser Torah was incorporated in December 2003, and is a Jewish orthodox school with a Chabad ethos.  It has grown to accommodate over 480 students catering to over 250 families. With a staff complement of 90 professionals, the school is committed to enhancing academic and extra-curricular learning for each child as an individual, and to providing the highest quality Jewish and Secular education, as well as pastoral care. The teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM continue to inspire the educational philosophy of Kesser Torah College.  

The College is co-educational to the Year 1 level. Years 2-6 in the Primary School and in the High School, boys and girls are taught separately.

At Kesser Torah College education is also about life itself, “going above” and “looking beyond” the academic and extra-curricular program and applying learning to living.

At Kesser Torah College we believe passionately in the power of the question. We encourage students to ask why.  It’s only by questioning that students can learn who they are, understand Torah values, understand their place in the world and ultimately make choices that are true to themselves.

Because the Jewish Studies and General Studies programs across the entire school are integrated, students can learn first hand how an excellent general education can enhance life as a Torah Jew and how spirituality can give meaning to their existence, undertakings and activities throughout life.
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