Learning Centre

Perceptual Skills There is a range of perceptual games and activities to aid in the development of auditory, visual and spatial skills. For example, pegboard and geoboard activities, threading, sequencing cards, puzzle shapes and computer programs.
Occupational Therapy A program called ‘Move to Learn’ is used to build gross motor skills. Hoops, bats, balls, witches’ hats, scooter boards and a mini trampoline are included to develop these skills further. There is also a wide range of fine motor activities using pegs, modelling clay, beads, Lego etc. Children use the ‘Ants in the Apple’ handwriting program to assist in the progression of handwriting skills.
Mathematics A wide range of mathematical games, texts and computer programs are utilised toremediate mathematical difficulties. There is a large number of ‘hands on’ educational aids including M.A.B. blocks, counters, dice games, board games, calculators etc. to develop mathematical skills.
Reading The Learning Centre has a variety of readers to accommodate various reading ages. Included in the selection are phonic based readers, literature based readers as well as high interest, low readability books. There is a selection of both non-fiction and fiction texts. Children are supported by computer reading programs.
Computers The Learning Centre utilizes computers for the children to learn, practice and reinforce skills. The students have access to well researched perceptual, reading and mathematics computer programs that include skills ranging from Years K to 6.
Listening Centre An eight post listening centre with a CD player and tape recorder is available to practice and reinforce reading and listening skills.
Learning Centre

Special Education