22 Shvat - Remembering Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka

KTC GHS gathered to commemorate the Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. The program organised by the Shluchot and hosted at a private home drew girls from every class in the highschool.

BHS after school learning program continues

Boys attending the after school learning program were treated to hot chips and drinks in recognition of the efforts they have put in to participating each week

BHS enjoys Chassidus Before Davening program

Led by our Shliach Etan our BHS get the day off to a roaring start with Chassidus Before Davening (CBD)

Father and Son Motzei Shabbos Learning

Our Father and Son Learning program brought together over 80 people who enjoyed learning together followed by lively sports on our turf and MPH

Friday Mivtzoim in full swing

Each Friday our students engage with the community in order to assist men who have not had the chance to put on tefillin that day and remind ladies of the importance of lighting Shabbos candles.

Generation Sinai

Our BHS enjoyed a spirited Generation Sinai Event together with the many fathers, grandfathers and uncles that joined to learn together with the boys

GHS enjoy the cTeen Games Room with the Shluchot

Our GHS had the chance to enjoy a social event along with the shluchot relaxing and playing games in the cTeen Lounge. Thx cTeen for the invite!!

Ja'accuse .. !!


Our year 9/10/11 Highschool Boys and Girls were privileged to have the opportunity to watch a clip from the acclaimed documentary Ja’accuse and participate in a informative Q and A session with the director of the film Michael Kretzmer and the author of the book that the film is based on.

KTC and North Shore

Our KTC boys who live on the north shore enjoy a weekly shiur hosted by the Kady’s with shiurim each week given by local North Shore Rabbis

Learning Campaign Celebration

Our Shluchim encourage and motivate the boys to participate in extra learning rewarding them with special events for completing milestones in their learning and development