Informal Jewish Education

KTC recognises the vital impact that Informal Jewish education has in our school by complementing and enhancing formal academic instruction. In line with the vision of the school to grow minds and nurture character guided by the torah we embrace experiential learning, engaging students in interactive and dynamic activities that foster a deep connection to Jewish culture, Torah values, and traditions.

By incorporating informal Jewish education into the school curriculum, students are exposed to a diverse range of experiences, such as excursions, interactive workshops, Yom Tov celebrations, and community service projects. These activities create a vibrant and immersive environment where students can explore Jewish identity, history, and ethical principles in a hands-on manner.

The effectiveness of informal Jewish education lies in its ability to instill a sense of pride, belonging, and commitment to authentic Torah values and way of life, while also nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and social skills. By weaving informal education seamlessly into the fabric of school life, students develop a holistic understanding and love of Yiddishkeit that extends beyond textbooks and exams, ultimately shaping their personal and communal identities in profound ways.

This page contains information for parents and students about informal programs and events at our school

Father and Son Motzei Shabbos Learning

Our Father and Son Learning program brought together over 80 people who enjoyed learning together followed by lively sports on our turf and MPH

Generation Sinai

Our BHS enjoyed a spirited Generation Sinai Event together with the many fathers, grandfathers and uncles that joined to learn together with the boys

Ja'accuse .. !!


Our year 9/10/11 Highschool Boys and Girls were privileged to have the opportunity to watch a clip from the acclaimed documentary Ja’accuse and participate in a informative Q and A session with the director of the film Michael Kretzmer and the author of the book that the film is based on.

KTC and North Shore

Our KTC boys who live on the north shore enjoy a weekly shiur hosted by the Kady’s with shiurim each week given by local North Shore Rabbis

Learning Campaign Celebration

Our Shluchim encourage and motivate the boys to participate in extra learning rewarding them with special events for completing milestones in their learning and development

Lunch and Learn Program

From time to time KTC hosts special guest speakers and  old collegians at our school for various events and to mark special occasions. Pictured here are Raphy Blackman and Raphy Franklin engaging our boys for a Lunch and Learn event

Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Moss

Our Shluchim co-ordinated a range of informal programs to engage our boys. Rabbi Moss visited with our year 11 and 12’s to answer their questions and discuss various aspects of the Torahs perspective on personal growth

Lunch and Learn with the Manchester boys

From time to time KTC hosts special guest speakers and  old collegians at our school for various events and to mark special occasions. Pictured are yeshiva boys visiting here from Manchester for a Lunch and Learn event.