Boys’ High School

About KTC’s Boys High School

Enter the Boys’ High School at Kesser Torah and you will find yourself surrounded by young men who are happy, energetic and tremendously proud of their Judaism. This is a unique group of boys who are constantly being nurtured academically, spiritually and physically. These young men find themselves in an environment of togetherness which is reflected in the way that all students – seniors and juniors alike – can be found playing a game of soccer or touch footy together during lunchtime or recess.

The school setting is one that constantly promotes academic rigour and development of special talents and interests both in Jewish and General studies. This is reflected in the many hours of lunchtime and after-school extra learning initiatives that our students participate in.

In the BHS, no significant date on the Jewish calendar goes unmarked. We use these special days as opportunities for interactive learning and the building of Jewish Pride. In a similar vein, we take hold of every chance we have to offer our students more exciting sports, science and mathematical opportunities.

The typical KTC BHS student is very community-minded and participates in a number of activities that are focused on building and strengthening the Sydney Jewish Community. Through our weekly Mivtzoim outreach program and our participation in fundraising efforts by various communal bodies, our school has managed to punch far above its weight in the community. In our school the students are constantly being exposed to speakers and guests who represent all spectrums of the community.

All this together helps us to fulfil our aims of producing happy young men who are independent and inspired learners, well-rounded individuals who possess a deep understanding and appreciation of their Judaism, and can function as independent and sophisticated learners in the modern, sophisticated world in which they live.

Jewish Studies

The aim of the Jewish Studies department is to instil in our students a love for their heritage and a desire to make this connection intrinsically personal. To achieve this, we equip our students with the tools to become independent learners and empower them to translate their learning into a life epitomised by positive contribution.

The Jewish Studies program in the Boys’ High School is streamed allowing each student to be challenged at his own personal level while providing the best opportunities to achieve success in his studies.

In Gemora, our classes range from an introductory class which aims to introduce students to the mechanism of Gemora and its history to an advanced class where students prepare the text and commentaries in traditional chavrusa style before examining the assigned piece as a whole class, together with the teacher.

In Chumash, the aim is to learn the skills of studying the text along with in-depth commentaries and becoming familiar with the content as well as the storyline and timeless messages of the Chumash. Strong emphasis is also placed on building Hebrew language skills.

In Dinim and Jewish values, we have developed a unique program for the Year 7 group to learn about all the laws associated with becoming Bar Mitzvah. In other classes, we have partnered with the Halachik Education Institute in Israel to deliver a curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the laws of Shabbos, Tefillah and Kashrus. Through these programs we strive to incorporate many of the major issues of Jewish life that come up in day to day situations throughout life. Jewish philosophy is also incorporated to give a well-rounded knowledge of the facts and laws, the reasons behind them and their deeper meaning.

Chassidus is taught in Years 9 & 10. In addition, Year 9 & 10 students are able to choose Jewish Studies as an additional elective.

The school is committed to continually reevaluate and upgrade all aspects of the Jewish Studies Syllabus, truly making Kesser Torah the best school possible for our students in all areas.

Our BHS has a very strong emphasis on informal Education. Our many out-of-school learning opportunities on a weekly basis, Shabbatonim, unique get-togethers ahead of special Jewish dates, create opportunities for our boys to grow together while simultaneously fostering their individuality.

General Studies

The NSW Board of Studies, now known as NESA, mandates the General Studies scholastic program from Years 7-12, preparing students for the external Higher School Certificate at the end of Year 12.. Each subject focuses on developing the students’ knowledge and skills. Undoubtedly, the Jewish studies subjects undertaken by the students complement and reinforce these skills.

The school allows students to choose from a range of subjects for their Higher School Certificate studies. While English is compulsory, students have undertaken a wide range of subjects including Business Studies, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Economics, Ancient History, Modern History, Biology, Physics, Visual Arts, Classical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Food Technology, Hospitality and Mathematics. A number of these subjects can be studied at Extension levels depending on student interest. Kesser Torah College High School recognises the need to develop the whole student. A wide range of internal and interschool competitions are an integral part of the school’s program. A number of academic and sporting competitions are held regularly within the School. Extra-curricular activities provide the students with an outlet for their interests and ability while encouraging sportsmanship and teamwork.

Our students participate in excursions and visits throughout the year, each based on a particular theme, to enhance their educational, social and emotional development.

Our children will enjoy the opportunity to learn at Kesser Torah High School. They will be challenged, both in and outside the classroom, to perform at their best. They will gain a sense of accomplishment in their work and a deep sense of pride in their Jewish identity. From this unique platform, they will contribute to their community and society at large in the most positive way.