Girls’ High School

About KTC’s Girls’ High School

At KTC every student is valued. The aim is for every student, no matter what background or academic ability, to be respected, loved and given the opportunity to excel at their own level. Inclusivity comes as part and parcel of the whole KTC approach. From academics in the classroom, to informal education outside the classroom, community service, interschool sport, debating teams, biannual productions, school camps, Shabbatonim, and the recently added Israel trip for Years 9 and 10. Our aim is to have students feel safe, confident and able to achieve in all the challenges faced in school.

The balance of General studies and Jewish studies is of paramount importance in order to grow well informed, balanced and educated young ladies. Our foundation is Torah based and therefore we aim to produce a literate Jew, one who is comfortable in the wider Jewish community, with a good knowledge and skill level in all aspects of Judaism. To be a proud, confident and giving member of any Jewish community whereever they find themselves in the future.

Jewish Studies

The aim of the Jewish Studies department is to equip our students with the tools to become independent learners and inspire them to continue learning and developing throughout life as individuals who are not only proud of their Jewish identity, but contribute to the community at large.

In Tanach, the aim is to learn the skills of studying the text and to become familiar with the content as well as the timeless messages of Chumash and Novi. Strong emphasis is also placed on building Hebrew skills and language.

In Halacha and Jewish values, we strive to provide a thorough program where we can incorporate all the major issues of Jewish life that come up in day to day situations. Jewish philosophy is also incorporated to give a well-rounded knowledge of the facts, laws, the reasons behind them, and their deeper meaning.

Chassidic Philosophy is studied in all Year levels, 7–12. It starts with concepts and definitions using a workbook and moves on to text by Year 9 and upwards. It covers the deeper and esoteric aspects of Torah and Mitzvos and gives the students a better understanding of self-improvement and the refining of character.

Jewish History is studied throughout year 7-10 encompassing eras from post Temple times up to modern day. Shoah studies are taught in Year 10 as well the establishment of the State of Israel.
In Year 9, a special study of the Book of Esther is undertaken. It is an in depth study of the Megillah with explanations including Meforshim and Midrash.

In Year 10, we tackle other texts in the book of “Writings” and learn the Book of Ruth and Yonah. This is textually based and improves skills, knowledge and moral lessons for life.

In Year 11 & 12, some Jewish Studies subjects are streamed enabling students to choose their level, style and in some cases content. This allows those who go on to tertiary level Jewish learning to reach the required standards.

The school’s search for continued evaluation and improvement is ongoing. We are committed to ensuring our students constantly seek to maximise their potential.

General Studies

The NSW Board of Studies, now known as NESA, mandates the General Studies scholastic program from Years 7-12, preparing students for the Higher School Certificate at the end of Year 12. Each subject focuses on developing the students’ knowledge and skills. Undoubtedly, the Jewish studies subjects undertaken by the students complement and reinforce these skills.

The school allows students to choose from a range of subjects for their Higher School Certificate studies. While English is compulsory, students have undertaken a wide range of subjects including Business Studies, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Economics, Ancient History, Modern History, Biology, Physics, Visual Arts, Classical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Food Technology, Hospitality and Mathematics. A number of these subjects can be studied at Extension levels depending on student interest. Kesser Torah College High School recognises the need to develop the whole student. A wide range of internal and interschool competitions are an integral part of the school’s program. A number of academic and sporting competitions are held regularly within the School. Extra-curricular activities provide the students with an outlet for their interests and ability while encouraging sportsmanship and teamwork.

Our students participate in excursions and visits throughout the year, each based on a particular theme, to enhance their educational, social and emotional development.

Our children will enjoy the opportunity to learn at Kesser Torah High School. They will be challenged, both in and outside the classroom, to perform at their best. They will gain a sense of accomplishment in their work and a deep sense of pride in their Jewish identity. From this unique platform, they will contribute to their community and society at large in the most positive way.