Production at KTC

Every two years, The Girl’s High School stages a production that involves every student in some way or another.

School productions are very important in the Chinuch (education) of a student. It has transformative powers that creates a metamorphosis in the student body. From the start of the year the corridors are filled with song, music, dance and drama. You can feel the sense of fun as well as confidence growing with every practice. There is a palpable feeling of Ahavas Yisroel and unity.

The production showcases the talents of the girls in the areas of song, dance and drama. We also have students dedicated to painting props, organising costumes, acting as stage crew, running technology and helping with sound and lights. Every student has some involvement. It brings out Middos, good character traits and promotes crucial social and executive skills. At the same time, there is an underlying message that resonates throughout the experience: talent is “gifted” to us by Hashem and it’s up to us to develop and nurture it. Everyone has some talent and we need opportunities outside the classroom to allow students to discover their own.

Our own alumni and staff write the script and help train choir, drama girls and dancers. It is always such a pleasure to have alumni return and volunteer to help in all areas of the production.