Our Uniqueness

Welcome to Kesser Torah College

Kesser Torah College (KTC) is a child-centred, learning-driven, Jewish Orthodox Chabad school governed by Torah and the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  While the College operates with a Chabad ethos, it also embraces all Torah-true Hashkafot (approaches) in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

A KTC education provides the following value-add for every student:

  • Mastery of Torah and General Academic skills and knowledge
  • The development of empathy, kindness, respect and tolerance
  • The inculcation of Yirat Shamayim (“Awe of Heaven”)
  • Academic outcomes in a learning-driven environment
  • High standards and expectations
  • Family and community values
  • Quality teaching
  • Constant focus on improvement
  • An environment that provides individuality and challenge.


The College intends that its graduates will emerge from their school experience with a strong and sustainable Jewish identity, knowledgeable and motivated and equipped to act: as advocates for Eretz Israel and the Jewish people; committed members of the Jewish community; and as engaged Australian citizens.

Our students are fortunate to be taught by exceptional educators, dedicated, not only to the subjects they teach, but to the education of the “whole child”. A real teacher is one who can teach his/her students to teach themselves. We believe that each student should be nurtured to achieve his or her own personal best. Moreover, the function of any great school is to educate beyond the classroom, and at KTC, the many extra-curricular, informal and experiential programs do just that.

As it so aptly says in Kidushin 40B: “תלמוד גדול, שהיא (תלמוד) מביא לידי מעשה” (“Study is important because it leads to action”) We look forward to welcoming you as partners in this exciting journey and trust that you too will be inspired to grow with us, as together we teach our children to love and live their Judaism – daily.

Roy Steinman
College Principal