Our Uniqueness

Welcome to Kesser Torah College

Kesser Torah College offers a unique education in Sydney: an authentic Torah education together with a rigorous General Studies program. However, our point of difference is further reinforced by the Torah values that permeate every aspect of the school day – and beyond. This means that our students are taught to see the very complex world of decision-making through the prism of a very clearly defined Torah lens. The journey from adolescence to adulthood is very often plagued by many competing priorities and influences. While our students are no strangers to the modern, sophisticated environment challenging them daily by growing up in the vibrant and diverse society that is Sydney, Australia, Kesser Torah College steers and guides them through these competing tensions by providing a consistency of meaning and purpose: a Torah-true compass that offers them a roadmap, not only for their childhood and teenage years, but for life.

Our students are fortunate to be taught by exceptional educators, dedicated, not only to the subjects they teach, but to the education of the “whole child”. A real teacher is one who can teach his/her students to teach themselves. We believe that each student should be nurtured to achieve his or her own personal best. Moreover, the function of any great school is to educate beyond the classroom, and at KTC, the many extra-curricular, informal and experiential programs do just that.

As it so aptly says in Kidushin 40B: “תלמוד גדול, שהיא (תלמוד) מביא לידי מעשה” (“Study is important because it leads to action”) We look forward to welcoming you as partners in this exciting journey and trust that you too will be inspired to grow with us, as together we teach our children to love and live their Judaism – daily.

Roy Steinman
College Principal