Sport at KTC

Physical Education (PE) and Sport contribute significantly to the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of our students and provides opportunities for them to both learn and practise different ways of adopting and maintaining a healthy, productive and active lifestyle.

Our PE and Sport curriculum provides opportunities for students to interact in a non-formal environment, develop various skills in a variety of sports and games and learn movement that will improve their capacity to move with skill and confidence, in a variety of contexts.

The PE and Sport program at Kesser Torah College is constantly evolving and growing, and it is our aim to continuously replenish our curriculum to provide our students with a variety of different opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity both in and out of school.

The Primary School Sports program focuses on fitness and the development of skills and gross motor coordination which is activated through various activities and games. Kesser Torah has developed and implemented an infants’ (K-2) Gymnastics Program.

Students in Year 3 and 4 start to learn and develop their game sense and how to apply what they have learnt to game situations. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a variety of games and sports, such as Oztag, European Handball, Football, Slider Hockey, Tee-Ball, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis. It is important for students to learn and develop skills in a wide variety of games and sports. This builds their knowledge and confidence and also provides them with opportunities to play sports/games they may not necesarily choose to play.

Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in Interschool sports competitions each week, competing in different sports each term, such as: Football, AFL, Netball, European Handball, Tee Ball, Cricket and Volleyball.

The Girls’ High School sports program has seen the inclusion of Paddle Boarding, Yoga, Golf and Self Defense. Our girls also compete in Interschool Netball, Basketball and Touch Football.

The Boys’ High School sports program provides students with opportunities to participate in Interschool Futsal, Rugby Union, Volleyball, Football, Basketball and Oztag, as well as the sports they participate in during class.